10 Useful Driving Range Tips For Golfers

January 30, 2024

Mastering golf requires willingness to learn, experiment and practice. It can be time taking and often frustrating knowing your ball wouldn’t cooperate. In order for you to improve your approach, we have listed a few driving tips that you can start incorporating in your next game and see better shots with lower scores unlocking new levels of expertise and potential.

  1. Set a Clear Goal
    You should have clear guidelines on what you hope to get out of a practice session. There should be a clear headway on what you want to achieve with each session. Aimless golf with random shots and smacking will get you nowhere.
    Track your progress, shortcomings and things you can do better in order to get overall insights on gameplay. Establishing a practicing routine is vital.
  2. Always Warm Up
    Get your body into action by warming up before the game. You don’t want to waste time and money on a game that your body is not receptive to. Let your body lose and ease your back and shoulders before you are ready to hit the ball solidly.
  3. Master Your Grip
    Your grip on the club matters the most as to how far and accurate the ball goes. There are multiple options to choose from such as interlock, overlap or 10-finger grip. Choose the one that suits you best.
  4. Adjust Your Stance
    Once you have your grip figured out, make sure you also have the correct posture as it can significantly impact your shots. Make sure you hold a stable ground, slightly wide feet, flexed knees and back straight.
  5. Use Alignment Sticks
    In your training years, use alignment sticks for a straight drive. This helps you give an eye to the correct direction. Lay your alignment sticks and make your shots fly to the flag.
  6. Play Every Shot Seriously
    Every ball is your chance to do better – it is essentially the price you pay for a game. Don’t waste any ball, try giving your best at each one of them! Always pick a target between taking shots and each of them should reflect your approach and skill.
  7. Try Different Swings
    During the game, try different types of swings for finding your perfect one. There are elements that you can customize according to your preference – whether it be ball positioning, posture etc.
  8. One Thing at A Time
    You cannot jump into multiples and achieve everything at once. Keep it slow, give yourself time and work on one thing at a time.
  9. Get a Golf Buddy
    Practice becomes better and fun with a buddy! Accompany your golf buddy to practices to keep company. You can always have small competitions for keeping the game lively and fun.
  10. Work On Weaknesses
    While you try to polish your skills and be better, don’t forget to work on weaknesses. This will help you achieve an overall command of this game.

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