Beginners Guide To Golf Rules And Etiquette

April 30, 2024

If you are beginning to learn golf, familiarizing yourself with some basic rules is a must. Given that we play other sports, we are presented with a little debrief before we step into the ground. Same goes for golf!

Keep this as a guidebook as beginners to feel more confident in the golf course. We will walk you through the fundamental rules of golf to avoid common penalties and provide insights into golf etiquette.

Let’s Start With Some Basic Rule Bound Areas

Golf may seem intimidating at first, understanding the basic rules will help you feel at ease on the course.

  1. Play As It Is Given
    One of the essential principles of golf is to play the ball and course as it lies. You should not move your ballโ€™s position unless it is given in the rulebook as to when you can. Playing in the ball as it lies helps maintain the integrity and fairness of the game. Similarly, you should play the course as you find it. Altering the course is against the basic rules and etiquette of the game. This is also known as taking unfair advantage of the game.
  2. Golf Course Rules
    Each golf course has a marked territory by stakes, fences or walls. If your ball lies beyond those boundaries, it is considered out of bounds. You will be ought to take a penalty stroke and replay the shot from its original position following the underlined rules.
    Golf courses have artificial and natural conditions such as trees, rocks, or cart paths. If your ball lands onto one of those marked territories, you will be entitled for the relief without any penalty. It is important to familiarize with yourself regarding obstructions and relief to avoid any unnecessary penalties. Penalty areas for golf may include water areas where the penalty is noted with given options for relief as per the agreed rules.
  3. Competition Areas And Approach
    There are two main formats in golf such as match play and stroke play. While in match play, complete on hole by hole basis while in stroke play, the total number of strokes for the entire round determines the winner. Knowing the format prior to starting is the best way to determine the strategy of play.
  4. Players Equipment
    There are a total of 14 clubs that golfers are allowed to carry in the bag during a round. Carrying more is considered to be a penalty. Ensuring the clubs and balls meet the specifications outlined by golf governing bodies. Using non-conforming equipment can result in disqualification. Using the right equipment with training aids such as range finders, club covers, and towels. Some devices and actions may be restricted.

Final Words

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