Clubhouse in Cypress, TX

Your convenience and comfort are paramount to us here at The Golf Club at Longwood. Whether you are participating in the game of golf or just accompanying someone, we have something special for you. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in rich flavors at our Outside Cantina. Visit our clubhouse in Cypress, TX, and kick off the fun with us!
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Revamped Club

Stop By Our Revamped Club House in Cypress, TX

We know the importance of ambiance, which is why we have designed our clubhouse to exceed your expectations. When you walk into our clubhouse in Cypress, TX, prepare to be mind-blown by the enhanced space. Your comfort is of utmost importance here, and we make sure to keep up with the latest trends.

Our newly renovated clubhouse is all you need for relaxation. Encounter new colors, comfortable chairs, remodeled bathrooms, and even a pro shop with us. You will feel as if you ventured into a parallel universe, where everything becomes better. There is nothing like our relaxing seating area and bar to feel replenished after an intense golfing session!

Even before a golf game, you can relax and spend time with your buddies in the clubhouse. Socialize with like-minded people and make the most of your time in the revamped space. The spacious area features an iconic design made just for the golfers to feel at home.

Tickle Your Taste Buds at Our Outside Cantina

Our Culinary Team to cater to your needs. Your convenience is our priority, and we update our services accordingly. Now, when you come by our clubhouse, you will be delighted to run into our outside cantina in Cypress!

Indulge in the vibrant flavors at our eating area. We are passionate about delivering quality food. Once you meet our hospitable staff, you will have no complaints! We have included significant dishes in our menu so you can appreciate the rich blend of flavors and spices.

The spacious cantina, with over 2000 square feet of high-quality outdoor decking, is a wonderful retreat. Covered by an elegant pergola, the decking sure add sufficient space in our cantina. That’s not all — you can simply rejuvenate in the two cozy seating areas. It just keeps getting better with our outside bar and TV.

The Golf Club at Longwood

When you visit our clubhouse, you will realize that you have found a safe haven in Cypress you have always dreamt of! Here are just some benefits you can look forward to:

  1. Newly Renovated: We recently renovated our clubhouse to ensure it meets your standards. Hang out with your friends or by yourself at our luxurious space!
  2. Sit Back & Relax: You can have a drink, sit on comfortable chairs, enjoy the rich flavors, and even read a book! Yes, golfing is a nice break from the shackles of life. Sit and relax in our clubhouse!
  3. Hospitable Staff: Our staff is friendly and here to help you with whatever you need. When you request something, our proficient team will get it done as soon as possible. Or, they will try to find an equally good alternative for you!

Drop By Our Clubhouse in Cypress, TX!

We have designed our clubhouse in Cypress, TX, to give you an ultimate relaxation experience. Hang out in our Outside Cantina, watch TV, The Golf Club at Longwood!