How Do I Prepare For My First Golf Game?

June 30, 2024

Experiencing the first of many can be exciting and overwhelming. If you are someone who is preparing for your first golf game, we can assure you that there is no going back. In this blog, we will discuss some of the preliminary preparations one must do before their first golf game. This will help you go in with full confidence in the course.

Are You Ready For Your First Game?

If you are seeking to play golf, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few basic rules and etiquette. Professionals at a golf club and indoor-based instruction programs that use video analysis are two ways you can learn to play golf.

If not formal lessons, there are many online teaching resources that you can benefit from. You can watch basic golf lesson videos online or talk to your golfer friends to learn about this new game.

Picking the Right Golf Course For Beginners

All golf courses have different sets of tees. If you are a beginner, we suggest you filter out course options that are on the shorter side. You can use online forums to ask or search which golf course is considered best for a beginner to get their hands going.

Picking the Right Time For Beginners

Strategizing the time for your golf slot can be important. If you are a beginner, chances are that you feel intimidated and nervous for the first play. 

In order to minimize your anxiety, we recommend you don’t go out on a busy weekend morning and instead play on days when there is less rush.

If your work schedule allows, go in at mid-afternoon or early evenings. You can ask your respective golf course committee about their rush hours in order to avoid those.

Picking the Right Attire For Your First Game

If you are a beginner at golf, you must ask about the right attire. While there can be different dress code implications in many courses. Other’s do not have one. But, as a new player we recommend you to blend in with a proper golf attire. 

For men, we suggest wearing a collared shirt tucked into slacks or shorts. Denims however are not preferred. For women, you can choose from a variety of active wear and pair it with a skirt, short or tights. 

Do not forget to put your athletic shoes on. However, attire is not a given. Once you feel more comfortable in it. You can opt for different options to wear and let your personality take a front seat.

What To Bring To The Golf Course At Beginner Level

We don’t ask you to be fully accessorized for your first game, but here are a few things you are expected to bring with you.

  • A set or half set of clubs
  • Irons
  • Wedges
  • Putter
  • Woods

Most golf courses allow you to rent these items, while others do not. To enhance your comfort during your game, bring other necessary items such as water, sunscreen, snacks, moisturizer etc.

Final Words

Preparing for a golf game may seem intimidating but trust us, the first time is the only tough time. Do the needful in terms of your first game and have a fabulous time at the court. 

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