How Do You Drive the Ball Straight Every time?

May 30, 2024

Golf needs continuous practice and mastery to hit the balls straight. There is always room to improve your driving skill whether you are a beginner or a seasonal player.

It can be difficult for the majority of golfers to consistently drive far and straight. However, you can take help of some tips and suggestions to drive fast and straight – cumulatively elevating your game.

In this article, we will provide insights on how to hit a straight drive and build confidence in your golf game.

Follow the steps to drive the ball straight every time!

Straight Path

Unless you are playing a draw or fade, you must stand straight across your target. Your target must be in line with the course of your swing and face of your club. This may seem simple but comes with a lot of practice.

Swing the Ball Up

In order to drive farther and straight, the angle of your swing matters the most. You should swing your drivers at an upward angle to hit the bar straight and far. You can achieve this momentum with constant trial and error. But once you get the hang of it, you are positioned for greatness.

Ball Position

Hitting the drive straight is not an isolated decision. It is an interplay of multiple things. One is to make sure that the ball is in front of your stance and line with the heel of your foot ahead – lead foot. Your driver should not be close to your back foot.

Find your Stance

In order to drive straight, you must have that strength and power also. You must position your feet wider than your shoulders so you can equalize the balance throughout your swing.

Shoulder Positioning

Considering the mastery of golf, you must adhere to a right posture, compared to neutral shoulders, your shoulders should be somewhat tilted to channel the momentum. Your lead shoulder should be a little higher than your back shoulder.


While learning to hit straight, remember to keep your backswing parallel and controlled. When drawing back, keep the clubhead inside the ball to prevent an outside-in swing and reduce unnecessary spin.

Build your Tempo

Let the driver do the majority of this job while you look after maintaining your temperament. You must learn to control your movement. The fastest part of your swing should occur immediately before the impact and not backswing.

Adjust Your Grip

Given all the tips for improving your drive straight, the most commonly overlooked is grip. Maintaining can be boring to practice. However, getting your hand positioning right can be a total game changer.

You must learn the different types of grips including weak, neutral and strong to determine the best for you.

Upgraded Golf Equipment

It is essential to play with the right tools with the recommended specifications to give a better chance of hitting the ball straight. For instance, no matter how perfect your swing and grip, you must not be able to hit straight with the wrong shaft. Equipment upgrades can be minor tweaks but can help you hit the ball straight.

Final Words

Golf is a game of practice. Perfect swing and drive comes with persistence, practice and patience. You can use the following tips and techniques to master the skill of driving straight. Some of them include ball position, shoulder position, tempo, grip, backswing and finding your stance.

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