How Many Years Does It Take to Become Good at Golf?

Dec 30, 2023273 Views

Mastering any game, skill or talent is never an overnight thing. Excelling in anything requires tireless effort, compassion and dedication for learning. It comes with regular practice, trial and error for anyone to qualify as a genius. Similar is the case with golf. Golf requires extreme precision at hand for the ball to land at […]

Mastering Solo Golf: Tips and Techniques

Dec 15, 2023329 Views

An epitome of luxury and hint of passion and character, golf remains to be one of the most definitive activities among the many. Expertise in golf not only comes with passion but a great deal of practice. In order to exercise your pace and liking, playing golf solo is your answer. Not only is it […]

Golf Swing Guide for Beginners

Nov 30, 2023156 Views

If you are a beginner at golf, we understand why you want to learn the best way to swing for a perfect shot. Whether you are starting the game or just need a refresher, we have got you. Let’s discuss some tips that can elevate your swing for consistent play. Tips for Golf Swing Setup […]

Strong, Weak or Neutral – Which Grip Is Better In a Golf Game?

Nov 15, 20231475 Views

Hearing the sentence, “strengthen your grip” while playing golf is not something new. During the learning phase, this phrase is quite common, and it does not mean squeezing the club harder. It is mainly about how your hands are positioned on the club. The grip you choose significantly influences the direction and height of your […]